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Rogue isn't really.

Anna Paquin is bisexual.

Okay. And?

As a comicbook nerd and bisexual, I'm a little let down by Anna's belated decision to "come out" as bi. Better late than never, you say? No. Not really. Over the past ten years, when she was working on the X-Men films and had the eyes of so very many young people, she might've given us a 'hey - it's okay to love whoever you want!', but she didn't. The actor of the main villain in the franchise and the director of the first two films are both gay men. They're both very successful. X-Men is a story that I believe changes itself and literally "mutates" to mimic whatever social (and personal) issues teens are going through when they're into the books (or films). The stories have always been about being "born different". They are about otherness, and how to deal with it, and how it can be beautiful (or hideous) and how our choices effect our lives and those around us. I feel like she could've really gotten through to a lot of young women (and even young men) if she'd come out during the peak of the films' popularity.

And I don't truly see this as a triumph, no matter the chronology. Bisexuals simply aren't treated as poorly as gay people. It's a fact - there are cold numbers to do with crimes and harassment suits and so on.

Presently, Anna is metaphorically nestled in the arms of a man she is engaged to. Of course it would be easy to come out and say, "Yeah, I checked out Mystique's ass when we filmed X2," at this juncture.

What makes me frustrated, is that so few men come out of the closet in Hollywood.

There are loads of gay male entertainers who are simply too afraid to mention their sexual orientation (and even have beard girlfriends and wives) because the truth might damage their careers (I'm looking at you, Hugh Jackman). They are the people who have a chance to do good and be inspirational and save lives. It breaks my heart that people can't be who they truly are, especially when there are those of us who can't (or wouldn't) hide our "otherness".

In order to undermine the seriousness and tone I've just laid down, I'd like to share with you some cute blinkies I found of the Simpsons.

Good day, sir.
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