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Iron Man 2 review... okay, it's mostly an anti-Pepper rant.

Little belated... Who else thinks Pepper Potts is the biggest bitch in the yard, and that Rhodey (and Don-blessed-Cheadle) was waaay underused in lieu of snarky villains (who were played quite nicely, a-thank-you)?

Anyway, back in the 60's, I'm sure Pepper was cute and her "I'm in charge or I quit!" attitude was probably some sexist view plastered onto the character by male comic book writers (I'm lookin' at you, Stan... I can't back that up, he might've not been the sole writer for the books at the time of creation). Back to Pepper - by today's standards, she's a cold bitch and a quitter and a loser and a whiner and Tony (who doesn't not deserve that kind of treatment) would do much better with a female character opposite him with a little personality, backbone, and warmth. Oh, and with a brain in her head. "What's Operation?"

Touche, Miss Potts, touche.

Better yet - no female. Like it's supposed to be. He never holds down a relationship. That's the whole idea (thanks, Howard Hughes).

The thing is, I don't dislike Gwyneth Paltrow. I think she's fine (not for Pepper, however). They needed someone shorter for starters. She's already taller than RDJ, both barefoot, side-by-side. Add heels to both and you're just asking for trouble.

So, I was really anxious to see where Tony/Pepper went, and had high hopes when the first three quarters of Iron Man 2 displayed Pepper and Happy (who get married in the comics) palling around... Then, we get an awkward, post-nagging/career terminating banter kiss... with Pepper and Tony. And even Rhodey (or maybe Don, unscripted) had to point out how wrong it was. Woof.

And while I'm on the subject of 'woof', if you're going to use ScarJo, Mr. Favreau, please do it wisely. This version of the Black Widow was ... well, crap. I thought the pay off was going to be that she spoke Russian and she could save the day. Not so. She was just a super-hacker who could do everything under the sun (and model!). Wtf? ... end rant.

I'm sure.
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